Hi! I’m Sarah, a mom and graduate student living in New England with my daughter, Saffron, and my boyfriend, Patrick.
I have always enjoyed packing healthy lunches for Saff, and discovered the world of bento-style lunches online about two years ago. I absolutely loved the way that the bento boxes made the food look organized and appealing for children and adults. I soon bought my first bento boxes and a lunch bag that would hold the containers flat, and went on Instagram to find inspiration. Now, I make bento-style lunches not only for Saff but also for myself, Patrick, and any of my friends who request one!

To see the lunches I make, go follow me on Instagram (@sarahmakeslunch)!



Miss Saff is 5 years old and loves anything that has to do with dinosaurs or unicorns. I absolutely LOVE her full name, Saffron (say Saff-rin), but we never call her by it! As soon as she was born she was “Saff” and sometimes “Saffy” but by the time she was three she made it clear to us she primarily wanted to be called Saffy, so that is what we call her now.

Saffy’s favorite foods are “green beans, strawberries, black beans, corn, blackberries, and avocado”(direct quote). Part of the reason I love making her lunches is because she is such a wonderful eater! Of course, there are foods she doesn’t like, but over all she is not picky and enjoys eating a variety of foods at lunch time.


Our Diet

The best way that I would describe our diet is that we don’t eat “land meat”. This means that we mostly eat a vegetarian diet but occasionally eat fish and seafood and we also eat gelatin. At home, I only cook vegetarian meals because it’s simpler for our family (Saffy and I don’t like to eat land meat, and Patrick does not like seafood).

Since I started cooking for Patrick, he has significantly reduced the amount of meat that he eats. Even when we go out to eat at a restaurant, he will often order a vegetarian meal such as Pad Thai with tofu (he used to get it with chicken), veggie pizza, or a vegetarian omelet. I think it’s great that he enjoys vegetarian food so much now! Not because I wanted him to become a vegetarian but because I introduced him to delicious new foods and he was open minded enough to try them and ended up liking them.


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