4 Junk-Free Easter Basket Ideas

Easter is coming up in a couple of weeks so I am excited to share my junk-free Easter basket ideas! We (me, Patrick, and Saff) celebrate Easter, but there’s nothing religious about our celebration. Typically, Saff will get an Easter basket, do an egg hunt at our house, and then we go to Patrick’s parents’ house for an early dinner–simple and fun.

I was raised Jewish and did not get Easter baskets, but we would do egg hunts just for fun especially if we had cousins over. Patrick did celebrate Easter growing up so we started making Easter baskets for Saff when she got old enough to enjoy them (age 3 or 4). I like to keep them simple and relatively “junk-free”. So, what do I mean when I say “junk-free”?

  • No artificially colored/flavored candy
  • No random trinkets. You know how kids always come home from birthday parties with goody bags filled with small plastic things? That’s fine, we just don’t need any more of those small plastic things on Easter. So, to avoid random plastic trinkets I focus on filling Easter Baskets with things I know Saff will use.
  • No Easter grass. It’s wasteful. You use it in the Easter basket and then you throw it out…what’s the point?

Just to be clear, I am not naïve, I know Saff will probably eat some artificially flavored candy later in the day when we’re with family. And that’s okay! I want her to be able to enjoy the celebration with everyone, and that includes eating treats we don’t normally eat at home.
Bento Easter Basket | sarahmakeslunch.com

Easter Basket #1: Bento Lunch Supplies

Bento Easter Basket | sarahmakeslunch.com

A bento-themed Easter basket is perfect for any age! This one features the Yumbox Original (6-compartment) in Remy Purple, NameBubbles‘ pineapple name labels (read my review!), chopsticks, a cupcake decorating kit, silicone baking cups, and Easter eggs filled with small cookie cutters. To make this for an older child or an adult, you could use a larger bento box (such as the Yumbox Tapas) and some wooden or stainless steel chopsticks.

Junk-Free Easter Basket | sarahmakeslunch.com

Easter Basket #2: A little bit of everything

Junk-Free Easter Basket | sarahmakeslunch.com

This Easter basket has a little bit of everything: snacks, activities, and a toy. The snacks I chose for this basket are Annie’s White Cheddar Bunnies and an Apple + Banana Fruit Bar from Trader Joe’s. Saff would consider both of these to be treats because we don’t typically buy a lot of processed or individually wrapped snacks. The Old Maid card game and the tin watercolor set (behind the cheddar bunnies) are both from my aunt’s toy company, Eeboo. She makes beautiful, high quality toys and games for all ages.

Junk-Free Easter Basket | sarahmakeslunch.com

Easter Basket #3: Minimalistic and classic

  • Bunny stuffed animal
  • OCHO Peanut Butter Chocolate Eggs

Junk-Free Easter Basket | sarahmakeslunch.com

This Easter basket is super easy to put together, so it’s great if you need a last-minute idea or if you just prefer to give your kids less “stuff”. The chocolates are from Whole Foods and are an organic, cleaner version of the typical peanut butter filled eggs you might receive on Easter. The package was $6.99, which is a little bit pricy compared to other brands, but I would rather give my daughter a small amount of higher quality chocolates than a large amount of lower quality chocolates. You could also put these chocolates inside of the plastic eggs since they are individually wrapped and won’t get gross during an egg hunt.

Junk-Free Easter Basket | sarahmakeslunch.com

Easter Basket #4: Spring/Easter outfit

  • Easter dress (underneath)
  • Sandals
  • Hairbow
  • Coloring book
  • Crayons

This Easter basket contains no food items, so it is good for young children or children with food allergies. It is also a very practical Easter basket because it contains an outfit. A lot of people (myself included) buy their kids new outfits for Easter, so why not make it a surprise and add it to the Easter basket? I folded up a dress (underneath the other items), and put some new sandals and a hair bow on top. For a boy, you could put a collared shirt, a bowtie, and dress shoes.

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  1. Sarah | 11th Apr 17

    Quick tip on easter grass— it’s not wasteful if you repack it with your baskets and plastic eggs to reuse every year. My mom did that my entire childhood, always the same grass! It’s what we do now. No waste, just cute ☺

    • Sarah | 12th Apr 17

      Good tip! I wondered if that’s what other people did. We reuse our plastic eggs 🙂

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