NameBubbles Review

Disclaimer: NameBubbles sent me some of their new label designs for review, and I happily agreed because I have been a customer of theirs for years and I love their products. I was not paid to write this post and all opinions are my own!

I bought our first pack of NameBubbles a couple of years ago when my daughter was going into her second year of preschool. Up until this point, I tried to squeeze her (relatively) long name onto her belongings with a permanent marker or pen. By the time I had fit all 14 letters (first + last name) onto the clothing tag, the marker had bled so much that it was barely legible. Once we received our first pack of NameBubbles in the mail, I stuck them on everything! Not only do they easily fit my child’s long name on her clothes, but they save me so much time. I have found them especially helpful when I have to label lots of her belongings at once, like at the beginning of the summer camp season or for the new school year.

When I used to label Saffy’s clothes with a permanent marker, it was just that–permanent. Her name was forever on the clothes even after we handed them down to friends with younger kids. What I like about NameBubbles is the fact that the labels can be removed if necessary. They stick to the clothes very well and even stay on in the washing machine, but if you want to remove them they can be peeled off without coming apart or leaving behind any sticky residue.

In addition to their clothing labels, NameBubbles also has dishwasher-safe/microwave-safe/freezer-safe labels. These labels are definitely made to last! I stuck one on the outside of Saffy’s Yumbox about a year and a half ago, we have used and hand washed the box a couple of times a week, and the label still looks great! Similarly, the NameBubbles we put on our EasyLunchBoxes have been through the dish washer dozens of times and have not faded at all.

NameBubbles are fully customizable–you can use just your child’s first name, first and last name, or first and middle name. You can even order them with your family’s last name to use for shared items like luggage.

Saffy and I both love all of the patterns and shapes that NameBubbles offers. Our favorite shape is definitely the donuts, but we also love the gold dots, the hearts, and the pineapples. NameBubbles has a range of styles available, which you or your child can pick to fit their personality.

NameBubbles also makes shoe labels, which are not only great for identifying your kids’ shoes at school, they also help little ones figure out which shoe goes on each foot. The shoe labels pictured below are two halves of a heart, but you can also pick ones that look like a left foot and a right foot or ones that look like shoes (just to name a couple). My 5-year-old can easily tell which way to put on her shoes by making the heart halves face each other.


If you would like to see more of NameBubbles’ styles and prints, you can visit their website.

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